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When it comes to warehousing, we know the drill.

Warehousing is a crucial aspect of logistics services that refers to the storage of goods and products in a secure and convenient location until they are ready for transportation or consumption. As your logistics partner, Avinice offers a global network of warehouses providing a safe and organized storage environment for your goods and products. This include a number of warehouses located in critical locations in Nigeria, including Lagos and Port-Harcourt. Avinice has a storage solution for whatever you want to keep safe.

There are numerous benefits when it comes to storing with Avinice, including:

1. Improved Efficiency, our centralized storage locations allow companies to consolidate their products and reduce transportation costs, as well as the risk of product loss or damage.

2. Increased Security, our warehouses are designed to provide a safe and secure storage environment, including security systems, temperature control, and fire safety measures.

3. Flexibility, we provide flexibility in managing inventories which allow companies to adjust their stock levels based on changes in demand or availability, and prepare for seasonal fluctuations.

4. Better Customer Service, our WMS provide real-time inventory updates and order tracking, allowing companies to provide faster and more accurate delivery times, improving customer satisfaction.




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