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As President and CEO, Peter has successfully advanced a diversification strategy that has enabled the firm to experience steady growth.

Throughout a celebrated career of nearly 40 years, Peter has never been satisfied with the status quo. An entrepreneur at heart, Peter is in constant search of new opportunities to drive our organization forward, approaching every business decision with a progressive vision complemented by both pragmatism and genuine foresight into developing industries.

Under his leadership, Accentuate has explored and conquered new frontiers, pioneering technology applications, developing new service lines, and entering burgeoning markets.

Accentuate is serving new industries and global markets, and continually broadening our breadth of experience. He also seeks opportunities to expand our capabilities, allowing us to provide a more holistic service offering to our clients.

Peter O’Leary
President and CEO

Hugely passionate about the industry, his breadth of knowledge and desire to exceed expectations is at the forefront of his approach to providing superior services to businesses.

John Walsh
Managing Director


Amy Hopkins
Head of Sales
Adam Chan
Senior Partner


Christine Lopez
Senior Partner


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